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Pico DSP is a smallish version of the popular stereo effects processor Black Hole DSP. It contains eight algorithms, in detail four delays, two types of reverb, Leslie speaker emulation and an Overdrive / Bitcrusher. Each effect is editable in two parameters. One of them can be modulated using the CV input. Pico DSP features clear, high-resolution sound. Alongside the established standards, it is also possible to generate lots of freaky special effects.



Pico DSP has one input with a red clipping LED. Audio material is processed in stereo and can be tapped off two outputs. Effect algorithms are selectable via button. A multicolored LED shows which program is currently active. Each effect is editable in two parameters. The first one can be modulated using the module’s CV input. (See list below.) A dry / wet potentiometer adjusts the mixture of clean and effect signal.

Despite its small size, Pico DSP offers high grade algorithms and crystal-clear sound. Its reverbs are very atmospheric, besides normal delays the user can also create special effects based on pitch shifting, granular concepts and such. The Leslie speaker algorithm makes static sounds come to life. Using the overdrive / bitcrusher, it is possible to abrade or destroy any incoming audio signal.

Effects and parameters included in the Pico DSP:

  • Mono Delay (Delay Time / Feedback)
  • Pitch Shift Delay (Pitch / Delay Time)
  • Stereo Delay (Delay Time / Feedback)
  • Granular Delay (Feedback and Freeze / Delay Time)
  • Reverb (Reverb Time / Tone)
  • Saturated Reverb (Tone / Reverb Time)
  • Leslie Speaker (Rotation Speed / HP Filter)
  • Overdrive / Bitcrusher (Overdrive / Bitcrush)

One audio input, two outputs for stereo image
CV input for the first effect parameter


3U Eurorack module, 3 HP wide, 35 mm deep
Power consumption: 30 mA at +12 V und 20 mA at -12 V.

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