Erica Synths - Pico SEQ


A tiny sequencer wonder, this Pico SEQ. Despite its size it is powerful, offers easy programming of CVs and gates, a maximal sequence length of 16 steps, variable gate length, quantization, various playback modes, even slide and 16 pattern memory! That is hard to beat.



functions per step:

  • Note entry
  • Gate length adjustable in eight steps; merging steps; mute (=rest)
  • Slide

sequence functions:

  • pattern length one to 16 steps.
  • scales: chromatic, ionian, dorian, major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, sharp notes, whole tone, mixolydian, major blues, minor blues.
  • playback mode: forward, backward, ping pong, ping pong with repeat of last steps, random.
  • octave range: one to eight octaves.
  • transpose
  • random: the pattern is being randomized within the selected scale and octave.
  • Master Pitch Slide with three modes: off (selected steps with slide are still active); slide on random notes; slide on all notes

Patterns can be memorized to one of the 16 memory locations and can be loaded.


Clock input, Gate output, CV output


3U Eurorack module, 3HP wide, 35mm deep
current draw: 55mA at +12V and 4mA at -12V

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