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The Erica Pico VCF1 is a compact version of the infamous Black Polivoks filter. Just like its big brother, the module uses rare op-amps made in Russia. The circuit can work as a low-pass or band-pass filter. In terms of sound, the Pico VCF1 is meaty and a little dirty. If you want to create lush acid melodies, juicy wobble basses or other raw, atmospheric sounds, this is the right module for you.



At first glance, the VCF1 seems to be a typical analog filter. There are audio input and output connectors, potentiometers for cutoff and resonance as well as a control voltage input plus attenuator. The latter influences the filter frequency. A switch lets the user choose between low-pass and band-pass characteristic.

What sets the Pico VCF1 aside from other analog filters is its sound. Thanks to rare K140UD12 op-amps, the circuit creates extremely powerful results with beefy, wet sounding resonance. – Just like the role model from Russia. In low-pass mode, high resonance values don’t affect the low end of sounds. Therefore, it is not a problem to add acid-type chirping to deep basses. With the resonance knob turned fully clockwise, the circuit starts to self-oscillate. By adding a LFO this can lead to nice, bubbly effects.


audio input and output
voltage control socket for the cutoff


3U Eurorack module, 3 HP wide, 35 mm deep
Power consumption: 12 mA at +12 V und 11 mA at -12 V.

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