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The Pico VCO is a versatile, yet space-saving oscillator. It features an assortment of 32 waveforms. Among them are standards of the analog world, partly fattened with a sub oscillator, as well as complex digital material and noise. The sound is clean and powerful. Thanks to a CV input, the waveform selection can be modulated, which leads to extremely agile results. Furthermore, a LFO mode plus morph function is included in the Pico VCO.



The Pico VCO has two banks with 16 waveforms each, which can be selected with one of the potentiometers and a button. The first bank offers waves typically known from analog oscillators. Some are complemented by a sub oscillator. The second bank is filled with digital waves for metallic timbres, formant sounds and such. Additionally, there is a noise generator with variable color. The Pico VCO can be played via its 1 V per octave input. Its second potentiometer allows tuning the oscillator manually. As the front panel is only 3 U wide, there was no space for a FM input. However, with a mixer put in front of the 1 V per octave input, it is still possible to create nice frequency modulation effects.  Highly interesting: Control voltages fed into the W-CV input make the oscillator switch between waveforms. Employing a LFO, the musician is able to create some great rhythmical effects.

You already have enough oscillators in your patch? – Then use the Pico VCO in its LFO mode. Beside the tuning range, the scope of operation is almost identical. However, there is one important difference: Instead of switching between waveforms, control voltages at the W-CV input create morphing effects. This feature makes the Pico VCO a great source for complex wobble effects.


VCO frequency range: 30 Hz to 5 kHz
LFO frequency range: 0,1 Hz to 20 Hz


1V/octave and W-CV inputs
audio output


3U Eurorack module, 3 HP wide, 35 mm deep
Power consumption: 26 mA at +12 V und 4 mA at -12 V.

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