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Paraphonic modular setup – The Polivoks is a popular vintage synthesizer, which was produced in the USSR during the 80’s. Erica’s modular system of the same name is not an exact clone, but can do far more than the analog classic. Audio material is generated by two well equipped VCOs with sub-oscillators. The circuits are based on components which have already been used in the Polivoks. The same goes for the filter. Together, the modules produce fierce, voluminous sound, true to the Russian classic. Other components include an audio mixer, a VCA, two ADSR envelopes with loop functions and a LFO / noise generator. For playing the instrument, a two-channel MIDI CV interface is built-in. – A great beginner’s system, but also a viable option for upgrading an existing modular setup.


The Polivoks System is equipped with the following components:

  • 2x Black VCO: Beefy sounding oscillator with sine, triangle, saw and pulse outputs. Additionally, there is a sub-oscillator. Besides tuning and pulse width potentiometers, the module features FM, sync and PWM inputs.
  • Black Mixer: An audio mixer with three inputs and outputs each.
  • Black Polivoks VCF: Full-blooded analog filter with low-pass and band-pass mode. Input level, cutoff frequency and resonance can be adjusted via potentiometers. For modulating the cutoff parameter, there are two CV inputs plus attenuators. High input levels and resonance settings result in a dirty, instable sound character.
  • Black VCA: Voltage controllable amplifier module featuring a bias potentiometer and a variable response characteristic. (Linear to logarithmic)
  • 2x Black EG: A classic ADSR envelope with two time ranges, a loop function and a normal as well as an inverted output.
  • Black Modulator: A modern LFO with sine, triangle, pulse and S&H outputs plus a noise generator. (White noise, pink noise, crushed noise)
  • Black MIDI-CV: An interface for converting MIDI data into control voltages. The module can be used in a monophonic or duophonic mode of operation. There are pitch CV and gate outputs per voice. Additionally, the circuit emits clock and modulation signals plus there is a glide potentiometer.
  • 104 HP Skiff case: Compact, lightweight and it comes with a reliable power supply.
  • 20 patch cables: Unpack and get started…

52 x 15 x 11 centimeters

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