Erica Synths - Sequential Switch


Erica's Sequential Switch module together with it's control interface is unique and it's features set it apart from others. Each of the eight channels can be turned on and off individually or be skipped, can output a gate and be merged with the adjacent channel to generate tied gates.
The module makes it possible to create sound and clock sequences, to switch signals or to send one audio source to eight different destinations sequentially.



The module has a common bidirectional socket and eight switched bidirectional sockets, which means you can switch one input signal to eight outputs or vice versa. Advancing to the next step is done by the "Man. Step" button or a pulse at the clock input. The clock is directly available at the clock out socket which works like a thru.
Reset to step 1 works manually after hitting the yellow button or when a pulse signal is received at the reset input.

Each channel has an individual button that controls step states and sequence length. A step LED shows the step's state:
Pressing once pauses the channel; LED is dimmed, the signal is not played. Pressing again activates the step; the LED is bright. An active step generates a 20ms long gate signal at the according output.
Double-click the button and the step will be omitted (skip); the module jumps directly to the next active step; the LED is off. this way you can shorten sequence length becuase it is deteremined by the last active step.
Hold the step button and press the button of an adjacent step; this merges the steps and generates a tied gate which is one clock length + 20ms long. Both steps' LEDs blink permanantly.
One blinking LED shows the currently active step.


Reset input, Clock input and output, gate output
bidirectional sockets: 1x common I/O and 8x switched I/O


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 20mm deep
max. power consumption with all LEDs on: 52mA@+12V, 13mA@-12V

0.12 kg
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