Erica Synths - Skiff (6 U)


Erica's Skiff is a flat Eurorack case made of aluminium, offering two rows of 84HP width and an usable depth of 50mm. It has an integrated power distribution but you can choose between two separately available external power supplies.
Optionally you can expand the case by rack ears or wooden side panels.



Thanks to it's aluminium construction the Skiff is a lightweight case and even the threaded strips for mounting modules are made from alu (hint: don't tighten the M3 screws too hard - aluminium can crack and you'd ruin the thread.)
The power distribution consists of two bus boards with 13 connectors each.

Power supplies: to adapt the Skiff to your needs you can select from two diferent external Erica power supplies which have to be purchased separately:

  • 1.25A power supply with toroidal transformer (Doepfer-style). Heavy and rugged both electrically as mechanically. Suitable for one Skiff.
  • 2.5A strong dual power supply, selectable 110V/220V mains voltage. Recommended for two Skiffs.

You can add wooden side panels to the Skiff, either the supplied straight ones for one Skiff or the optional dual L-shaped for two Skiffs.
For the use in a 19" rack you can add rack ears.


The Skiff's power supply doesn't generate the +5V operational voltage.


One three-pin connector for the external power supply. Can be re-located either at the rear or on top of the Skiff, where-ever it suits you better.


433mm wide, 269mm high and 60mm deep
usable depth for modules: 50mm

4.0 kg
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