Erica Synths - Skiff PSU, 2,5A (dual)


The biggest of the three external power supplies for Erica's Skiff provides 2.5A, which is enough current for two cases. It also has two power connectors - so if you plan to use two Skiffs sooner or later, go for this one to prevent having two supplies in the studio.



This type of power supply can be used both in countries with 110-120V mains voltages or where 220V-240V is used. You just have to set the correct mains voltage with the switch located next to the power switch.

The unit is quite strong and provides 2.5A power which is enough for two Skiffs. For this reason it is the perfect supply if you want to use the double wooden side panels in order to mount two Skiffs in a L-shape.
The supply is housed in a rugged aluminium case and connects to the Skiffs via two three-pin cables.


Neither the Skiff itself nor the power supply generate the additional +5V operational voltage which is required by some modules. But even for that case Erica offers additional +5V supples/adaptors.


input: 3-prong IEC mains connector
output: two 3-pin connectors with screw couplings and 110cm long cables


22 x 10 x 7cm

1.0 kg
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