Erica Synths - Skiff PSU, 1,25A (220V only)


Solid power supply for the Skiff by Erica Synths. It works with a proper toroidal transformer, bringing a little more weight on the scale but that shouldn't matter in the studio.


Similar to Doepfer's PSU, also this power supply works with a proven, big and heavy toroidal transformer which is preferred by many enigneers. For technical reasons it can work only with a mains voltage of 220-240V which means it can't be used overseas.

The unit provides you with 1.25A of current which is sufficient for one Skiff.
It is housed in a rugged aluminium case and connects to the Skiff via a three-pin cable.


Neither the Skiff itself nor the power supply generate the additional +5V operational voltage which is required by some modules. But even for that case Erica offers additional +5V supples/adaptors.


input: 3-prong IEC mains connector
output: 3-pin connector with screw coupling and a 110cm long cable


22 x 10 x 5cm

1.38 kg
Article Number
former retail price: €113.45

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