Erica Synths - Sequential Switch CV Expander


Turn your Erica Sequential Switch into a 8-step analog sequencer with this CV expander.
It combines CV generation with all the functionality of the Sequential Switch like mixing, pausing, random playback, skipping and manual selection of steps.



Features when used as sequencer with Seq. Switch:

  • Adjustable sequence length
  • Step pausing / step skipping / step merging
  • Gate out
  • Clock input and output
  • Manual step select mode
  • Piano mode. Play steps manually by pressing the switch's step buttons
  • Random play mode!
The expander generates CVs from 0-5V, but a switch on the faceplate can reduce the CV range to 1V or 3V.
It connects to the Sequential Switch by a ribbon cable.


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 20mm deep
maximal power consumption: 10mA@+12V, 0mA@-12V

0.2 kg
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