Erica Synths - Fusion V1 tube heater power supply (220V)


Small 6V AC power supply which must be installed if you want to use Erica Fusion V1tube modules. Advantage is that the tubes won't draw energy from your main Eurorack power supply when heating up.
One Fusion V1 power supply can provide enough energy for the heaters of up to seven Fusion V1 tube modules.



The Fusion power supply has to be connected between your mains inlet and the main power supply which generates the usual +12V, -12V (and +5V) operation voltages for Eurorack modules. See manual.
For your own safety: If you are not sure how to do it and/or are not experienced with mains voltages, please consult an electrician!


2 input connectors for 220V mains voltage
2 connectors for passing mains voltage to main PSU
1 six-pole contact for grounding
8 six-pole-headers for connecting Fusion V1 modules' heaters

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