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The MIDICLOCK+ of Berlin based "E-RM Erfindungsbüro GmbH", E-RM for short, is a simple yet great tool. It is a small box with only one task: generating a unbelievably clean and jitter-free MIDI clock signal for synchronising sequencers DAWs etc. Operation is super easy due to two buttons and an encoder.



The MIDICLOCK+ creates a clean and tight MIDI-Clock and for allows for reliable starting, stopping and re-synchronising a number of sequencers or a DAW with flexible tempo.

The unit is operated by a few controls: the start/pause button starts and stops all connected machines that understand the MIDI commands "start", "stop" and "continue". The reset/re-start button causes the unit to reset/re-sync the MIDI song position of all connected units to the beginning of the next full bar and to re-send a "MIDI start" command. This makes possible to re-synchronise slaved units during playback without a break.

The tempo is being set with the encoder and the valus is shown in the display as number of BPMs. Two modes for setting the tempo are availablethat are distinguished by the display´s brightness and the "M"-LED: normal mode (LED off): each change of tempo has to be confried by pressing the encoder in order to prevent unwanted changes. That is useful if you want to use the unit as a steady clock generator. In live mode (LED on) every tempos change will be directly implemented. A double-click on the encoder brings you back into normal mode.

Power is supplied by USB or a USB-wall wart power supply.

New features of version Midiclock+: DIP switches on the back determine for each output if a MIDI Clock or a DIN Sync24 signal is emitted. The Sync24 implements Start, Stop and - unlike a lot of other devices - Pause and Continue.
Special feature in DIN Sync24 mode: press the encoder while powreing up and choose between a DIN Sync signal with 24ppq or an alternative Eurorack-compatible analog clock with 8ppq (32ths) and a positive reset pulse. The analog clock can be converted with the optionally available "modular whip" to Minijack. This setting is non-permanent!


One Type-B USB connector. Two MIDI/DinSync outputs.


The unit is 48mm hight, 95mm long and 62mm wide (with rubber feet and encoder). Weight 235 grams.

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