Erogenous Tones - LEVIT8


Few modules can beat the LEVIT8's high density of functions, which has eight channels that can be used as individual attenautors, amplifiers, inverters of offset generators. Optionally it features three different mix configurations with four or eight inputs for control voltages or audio signals, fulfilling various tasks at the same time.



LEVIT8 is equipped with eight individual channels for controlling signals, from attenuation to gain, approximately up to 2x gain. Channels 2, 4, 6 and 8 have inversion switches.
If nothing is plugged to an input the channel is normalized to +5V and can be used as an offset generator generating a voltage of 0 -10V (or. -10V to 0V for the inverted channels)

If the 4th channel's Mix switch is in up position, output 4 will be a mix of channels 1-4. The signals of 1-3 are still available at their individual outputs. Channels 5-8 can be used individually.
If Mix switches of both channels 4 and 8 are activated, this will result in two four-channel mixers (1-4 and 5-8).
When mix for channel 4 is deactivated but active for channel 8, though, you will get one eight-channel mixer.

Each channel saturates at ca. +10V. Mixing an audio signal with a DC offset can shift signals into saturation range and create interesting effects.

In any case the module is a must when you own a number of modules by Cwejman or Synthesis Technology for instance which don't have too many polarizers or attenautors on their CV inputs. Also Erogenous Tones themselves will feature a number of octuple modules which will benefit from the LEVIT8.


Eight inputs, eight outputs


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 29mm deep
current draw: 50mA at +12V and 50mA at -12V

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