Erogenous Tones - VC8


The VC8 combines eight high-class VCAs with linear characteristics in one module. Each channel offers a modulation input plus attenuator, a bipolar offset potentiometer and a level LED. Routing options enable the user to create sub-mixes of four channels.



The VC8 is based on LM13700 op-amps. It features eight linear VCAs, which are fed via dedicated mini jacks. Each channel is equipped with a CV input for level modulations. Attenuator potentiometers allow the user to dampen incoming control voltages. Adjusting the amplifiers manually can be done utilizing the offset potentiometers. Thanks to their bipolar design, it is possible to either raise or lower levels. Fully opened, the VCAs emit voltages of up to +5 V. White glowing LEDs visualize the signal strength at the output of each channel. Mini jacks enable the user to tap off material from the individual amplifiers. Additionally, channel four and eight offer a mixing mode, in which they distribute the sum of channels one to four respectively five to eight. While using this option, the other outputs still emit individual signals.


Eight signal inputs and outputs
eight CV inputs


3U Eurorack module, 18 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases

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