Evaton - RF Nomad


The RF Nomad is a voltage-controlled sideband shortwave receiver. In short words: it's a radio module picking up strange noises from sub oceanic bass to interstellar space.



Although the module works in shortwave band ony it receives more than just propaganda stations from other continents. No output filtering means atmospheric noise, interferences, hiss, squeal and a lot of dirt.

Operation of the RF Nomad is pretty simple:

  • RF Gain adjusts the strength of the radio reception
  • Tuning sets the receive frequency
  • CV Amount is the attenautor for the tuning CV
  • Audio Gain is the level potentiometer for the audio output

Attention! Module abuse!: Remove the antenna, plug in an audio signal into the CV input and use the tuning parameter for waveshaping. See video, starting at 8:00min.


Do you suffer bad radio reception in your studio? Try the looooong antenna which is 7.6m long and is available here.

You can use a RF Nomad for pseudo-transmitting an audio signal to another RF Nomad, too. See this video.


Antenna input (RCA socket)
CV input and audio output (3,5mm sockets)


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide
Power consumption 9mA @+12V and 9mA @-12V

0.3 kg
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