Expert Sleepers ES-1 (DB25 version)


The Expert Sleepers ES-1 Audio/CV Interface is a Eurorack module designed for use with software such as Expert Sleepers Silent Way.

Connect the DB25 connects to your audio interface with a 25-pole cable equipped with SubD connectors (Tascam TA88 standard) and output the CVs on standard 3.5mm minijacks. When used with the Silent Way AC Encoder software, there is no requirement for the audio interface to be DC-coupled.



The unit consists of 8 identical channels. Each channel consists of

  • A balanced input stage
  • An optional rectifier circuit, for use when the audio interface is not DC-coupled. A jumper on the PCB connects or disconnects the rectifier.
  • An output amplifier and DC offset circuit. This has a gain range of approximately 1x to 4.5x. The DC offset is adjustable, to centre the output of the rectifier circuit around 0V (if desired).

The face panel is made of translucent orange acrylic. "Slotted" mounting holes allow an uncomplicated mounting in Eurorack and AnalogueSystems cases.


Eingang: Ein 25-poliger Sub-D Anschluss nach Tascam TA88 -Standard

Ausgänge: Acht 3,5mm-Buchsen


3HE Eurorack-Modul, 8TE breit, Modultiefe 70mm (gemessen ab Rückseite d. Frontplatte)

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