Expert Sleepers ES-5 Mk3 (ES-3 expander)


The Expert Sleepers ES-5 is a Gate/Clock/Sync expansion module for the ES-3 (from version Mk2 on). The outputs of the mk3 version are equipped with multicolor background lightning.



The ES-5 piggybacks on one of the ES-3's stereo channels to provide eight gate/clock/sync/MIDI outputs on the ES-5 itself. It can also be connected directly to the ES-8 (USB to CV in/out module) without the need of an ES-3.

On the ES-5 itsself you have further expansion headers to connect up to five ES-4 gate expanders. This means you can expand an ES-3 or an ES-8 to up to 48 digital outputs!

The Expert Sleepers product line is a great way to connect DAW and Modular Synths. The multitude of possible applications make it also quite complex. It requires you to get familiar with the Expert Sleepers "Logic" and the routing scheme of your DAW. Once understood and properly set up, everything will work flawlessly and integrate nicely in the overall workflow. On the Expert Sleepers webpage you will find tutorials and an extensive documentation that will guide you through the setup process. And do not hesitate to ask us!


The ES-5 is intended to be used with the latter versions of the ES-3 (Mk2, Mk3 and Mk4) as the first version has no expansions headers which means you would have to solder.


8x 3,5mm outputs on front panel.
internal: Five headers for installing up to five ES-4s


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 49mm deep
Current draw: 8mA@+12V and 0mA@-12V

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