Expert Sleepers - ES-6 Mk2 (CV to lightpipe interface)


Expert Sleepers ES-6 converts control voltages into digital, optical signals in lightpipe format. The inputs of the mk2 version are equipped with multicolor background lightning.

Attention: An ES-3 is necessary for using the ES-6!



The ES-6 can convert up to eight control voltages with a range of ±10 V into digital signals that are emitted by an optical output. The analog / digital converter uses a resolution of 24 Bit and 103 dB SNR. It can also be used to expand the amount of inputs of an ES-8.

The module itself offers six input sockets, two more can be provided by attaching an ES-7 expander.

This module bridges the gap between modulars and DAWs. With an ES-6 (or ES-8) you can have fully bidirectional, high resolution CV-communication between Modular Synths and Computers. The possible applications are immense: Controlling VST Plugins with CVs, fully integrating Modular Soft Synths, complex processing loops or combining the power of MAX/MSP and a Modular System.


The ES-6 derives its clock from an ES-3's lightpipe input or ES-8's internal clock, i.e. an ES-3 or ES-8 is necessary for using the ES-6!


Looking for an optical Toslink cable to connect the ES6? We have a 3 meter long version HERE.


6 analog inputs, 3.5mm sockets, DC coupled

Digital output: optical, ADAT standard

Expander header for connecting an ES-7


3U Eurorack module, 6 HP wide, 52 mm deep
Power consumption: 67 mA at +12 V and 24 mA at -12 V

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