Expert Sleepers ES-40


The ES-40 converts digital S/PDIF signals from the software Silent Way into analog control voltages. The module can't work by itself, it has a modular concept itself and offers five connectors for expander modules from the ESX series. In addition it has a digital S/PDIF output for converting analog signals like audio.



The ES-40 works only in combination with ESX expanders and is the core of a very configurable system.

Following expanders can be used as desired: ESX-8GT gives you eight gate outputs, ESX-4CV and ESX-8CV have four or eight CV outputs and the ESX-8MD MIDI and DIN-Sync outs.
Furthermore the ES-40 has a S/PDIF output. By connecting an ES-7 you can send data to your computer, e.g use it as a 24Bit analog/digital audio converter.

The module works with input rates up to 192kHz.


front: one S/PDIF input, one S/PDIF output.
internal: five connectors for output expanders (GT1-5). One connector for input expander (GT6)


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 51mm deep.

current draw: mininum 26mA (only at the +12V rail)
It rises with higher sampling rates: 26mA at 48kHz, 32mA at 96kHz etc.

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