Expert Sleepers ESX-4CV (CV Expander)


The ESX-4CV is an expansion module for Expert Sleepers´ modules ES-4, ES-5 and ES-40. It adds four analog outputs per expansion header of those modules



Each output gives you a voltage range of ±5.33V. The outputs are hardware calibrated if you connect them with 1V/oct inputs. but can be software calibrated to other voltage characteristics (like Hz/V etc.) with the SilentWay software.

The outputs have a resolution of 12Bit with one eighth of you system´s sample rate. This reduced sampling rate was necessary to fit four parallel 12Bit signals into one 8Bit line. If your system is running with 48kHz you´ll have a CV sampling rate of 6kHz which is fast enough for most applications.

2 LEDs per CV output show positive and negative voltages.

The ESX-4CV requires a software to operate, either the "ESX-4CV combiner" plug in for SilentWay or a special "external" for Max/MSP. Those programs are not included with the module.


Digital connection via ribbon cable for connecting the ESX-4CV to one expansion header of a ES-4, ES-5 or ES-40.

Four analog 3.5mm (1/8") output sockets, DC coupled.


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 25mm deep.
Current draw 22mA @+12V and 18mA @-12V

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