Expert Sleepers ESX-8CV


The ESX-8CV MK2 is an expander module, compatible with the Expert Sleepers ES-4, ES-40 and ES-5. It comes equipped with eight DC-coupled CV outputs. High-quality 12 Bit DA converters guarantee excellent performance. The Mk2 version features illuminated connectors, which visualize outgoing signals. Additionally, Expert Sleepers reduced the power consumption.



The outputs are hardware calibrated if you connect them with 1V/oct inputs. but can be software calibrated to other voltage characteristics (like Hz/V etc.) with the SilentWay software. Each output gives you a voltage range of ±5.33V when hardware calibrated (or ±9.5V when not calibrated, jumper-selectable).

The outputs have a resolution of 12Bit but with reduced sample rate. This reduction was necessary to fit eight parallel 12Bit signals into one 8Bit line. The sampling rate of the outputs runs betwwen 1/24th and 1/8 of the systems's saampling rate; e.g. at 48kHz the sample rate is between 16kHz and 2kHz which is fast enough for most applications, except extremely fast envelopes and audio modulations. Still much faster than MIDI, tight and jitter-free!

one LED per CV output shows positive and negative voltages.

The ESX-8CV requires a software to operate, either the "ESX-8CV combiner" plug in for SilentWay or a special "external" for Max/MSP. Those programs are not included with the module.


Internal digital connector from the ES-4, ES-5 or ES-40
outputs: eight 3.5mm sockets, DC-coupled.


3U Eurorack module, 4 HP wide, 49 mm deep.
Power consumption: 41 mA at +12 V and 33 mA at -12 V
(Predecessor: 51 mA at +12 V and 41 mA at -12 V)

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