Expert Sleepers - ESX-8MD Mk2


The ESX-8MD is a MIDI and DIN Sync expansion for the Expert Sleepers modules ES-4, ES-40 and ES-5. The circuit features eight outputs, which emit sample-accurate MIDI or DIN Sync signals. The MIDI outputs not only transmit MIDI Clock but any MIDI messages.The module's timing is much more accurate than the timing of an ordinary USB / MIDI interface.



The ESX-8MD adds eight MIDI / DIN Sync outputs, it occupies one expansion header.
The ES-4/5 controller software (part of Expert Sleepers' software Silent Way) makes it possible to use the MIDI outs not only for a MIDI clock, but for any MIDI messages. As Silent Way uses audio to transmit controller data, the ESX-8MD's MIDI and DIN Sync signals are sample-accurate and way faster than any USB / MIDI interface.


The software Silent Way is sold separately!


Eight DIN sockets for MIDI or DIN Sync output signals.


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 27 mm deep.
Power consumption: 12 mA at +12 V

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