Expert Sleepers USAMO


USAMO is not an Arab name but an Universal Sample-Accurate MIDI Output. It generates ultra-precise and jitter-free MIDI from an audio track in your DAW, not only MIDI clock but lots of other MIDI data and even SysEx.
The MIDI signal is generatedby an virtual instrument running on your computer and it's being translated by the USAMO then.



The unit requires the USAMO plug-in software to be installed on your computer, which is a virtual instrument (AU/VST/AAX, Mac and Windows).

Mode of operation:
The DAW generates MIDI and sends this to the plug-in; the plug-in converts the data to an audio track and sends it to the USAMO hardware via your DAW's audio output. The USAMO box receives the audio track and converts it back to MIDI signals which are then available at the 5-pin MIDI socket.
The advantage of this system is that in computers audio tracks are waymore accurate and faster than MIDI signals which means the USAMO generates extremely stable and jitter-free MIDI.

The unit can transmit MIDI Clock, notes, controllers, song position pointers, SysEx and other data.
To adjust the audio sensitivity of the unit there's a trimmer.

The USAMO uses the same technology previously available from Expert Sleepers Silent Way and the ESX-8MD module, but now in a standalone box, and from an analogue audio connection instead of a digital connection.


A power supply is not included.
It requires: 9V DC, 2.1mm barrel tip, any polarity will work.


audio input (1/4")
MIDI output (5 pin DIN)
2.1mm barrel socket for external power supply (not included)


Aluminium box, 108 x 80 x 44mm (4.25" x 3.15" x 1.73") (1U high, approximately quarter rack width)

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