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The Vector is an extremely inspiring sequencer with eight tracks. Patterns hold information regarding pitch, gate signals and velocity. A sequence can be up to 64 steps long. Polyrhythms are not a problem for the Vector. Besides the main pattern, each track features two sub-sequencers for internal modulation. An extensive set of chance-based functions, including options like random ratcheting, pitch and playback alterations plus mute options, allow you to create variations of sequences on the fly. On top of that, there are nifty chord functions. Patterns can be organized in playlists to create songs and live sets. Despite its high level of sophistication, operating the Vector is easy as pie.



The Vector comes equipped with analog outputs for two tracks. In detail, it emits pitch, gate and velocity signals. Additionally, there are two 3.5 mm MIDI sockets and both USB A and B ports. The latter may be used to connect a keyboard or pad controller. Bi-directional trigger sockets can be used to input or output an analog clock plus start and reset signals. On top of that, there are two CV inputs, which allow you to feed external modulation signals to the sequencer. Incoming control voltages can influence various parameters. If this configuration is not enough to fully control your setup, it is time for the des Five12 Jack Expander. This module adds four more analog output sets, each consisting of pitch, gate and velocity connectors. Furthermore, the Jack Expander features eight bi-directional trigger sockets, a MIDI DIN input and output plus DIN Sync ports. You can freely assign all these connectors to the sequencer’s tracks.

A micro-SD card slot is installed on the back of the unit. There are auto-saving and load functions, so you’ll always have the last session at hand when you switch on your modular system. The USB A port can be used to transfer data to your computer, meaning to create a backup.

More details will be available as soon as we get our hands on a Vector.

You can add more inputs and outputs to your Vector using the Five12 Jack Expander.

Two analog output sets, each consists of Pitch, Gate and Velocity connectors
Bi-directional Run, Clock and Reset sockets
Two Mod CV inputs
Two MIDI outputs
USB A and USB B ports

3U Euroack Module, 42TE wide, 28mm deep
Powerconsumption: 140mA +12V, 20mA -12V
0.35 kg
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