Flame - 2013 Arpeggiator (incl. X2013 expander)


Arpeggiator module containing two arpeggiator channels for bass and melody. Each arpeggiator´s pitch and clock (or gate) are available at individual outputs. The first four notes of the melody arpeggio (ARP) are output as chord at four dedicated CV outputs 1-4. With the miniature keyboard notes can be entered directly as cords or scales, The included expansion module X-2013 allows you to output the arpeggios via MIDI, to sync the module to MIDI clock and gives 8 clock outputs for sequencer tracks.


Two arpeggiator channels ARP and BASS with CV outputs and clock/gate outputs (or optionally velocity). By an expansion module the arpeggios can be played on MIDI channel 1 and 2. The chord which is set for the ARP channel is available at the four CV sockets labeled 1-4 as control voltages.
Nine arpeggiator play modes are available (up, down, updown, downup and others) and also variations of note repeats, octave range, pattern of the arpeggiator sequence and transpose and they all can be controlled by CVs. Own scales and chords can be entered with the module's mini keyboard and saved to 16 non-volatile memories that you can address by CVs.
Each of the ten sequencer tracks (ARP, BASS, X-OUT 1-8) has an own clock divider, in relation to the internal clock or the extern MIDI clock. An own sequence pattern can be assigned to each track.
For automatical control of chords or scales a play list with 12 memories is available. Per slot you can set different chords or scales and a root note individually for BASS and ARP. With the LIST CV input you can directly address those memory slots.

The included X-2013 expansion module adds MIDI In, Out and Thru sockets and eight individual clock outputs for the eight sequence tracks. It is not necessary for the use of the Arpeggiator, so in an live situation you can detach the expander from the main module in order to save space.


ARP and BASS: trigger, mode, converse
CHORD: trigger
common inputs: octave, user-1, user-2, range, list

ARP and BASS: CV and reset or gate
four chord CV outputs 1-4
clock output


3U Eurorack module
Main module:15HP wide, 50mm deep
expander module: 6HP wide, 35mm deep
Current draw 180mA at +12V and 20mA at -12V

0.5 kg
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