Flame - C-3 Knob Recorder


Phase-out model. Sales only as stock lasts!

The C3 is a three-channel module for recording and playing back movements of controllers. Those can be recorded with each channel´s individual knob. The momevents will be output as control voltages.



  • 3 channels with each one control
  • recording time per control: max. 102 seconds
  • adjustable playback speed
  • resolution 12Bit, sampling rate 50Hz or 100Hz (since version V1.02)
  • modes:
    • playback one shot
    • playback loop
    • playback with or without adjustable offset
  • switchable between playback and potentiometer
  • non-volatile memory
  • software updates are possible via backward USB connector

There are frimware updates available! the instructions on how to update your module and the donwload links can be found here: http://flame.fortschritt-musik.de/news_C3_module.htm

  • 3 CV inputs 0-10V
  • additional CV input on track 1: 0-10V
  • common reset input for all three tracks

3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 33mm deep

current draw: 102mA at +12V and 12mA at -12V

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