Flame - FX16-CV


A small, low-cost DSP-based effect module featuring sixteen different multi effect programs, designed for small and mobile Eurorack systems. There are three knobs with CV inputs for different effect parameters, a CV input for effect selection as well as controls for gain and dry/wet mix. The unit allows for full stereo processing.



List of effect programs:

  • PT/ECHO: pitch shifter with echo
  • REVERB: well... a reverb
  • PLATE: plate reverb
  • TREMOLO: reverb with Tremolo
  • VIBRATO: reverb with envelope and vibrato
  • FLANGER: reverb with flanger
  • CHORUS: reverb with chorus
  • PHASER: reverb with phaser
  • ECHO-RPT: ping-pong delay in stereo
  • AUTOWAH: reverb with an envelope floower modulated filter
  • RING-MOD: reverb with ring modulator, in stereo
  • BITCRUSHER: bit rate reducer
  • REV-BC-LP: reverb with bit crusher and low pass filter
  • REV-FL-LP: reverb with flanger and a low pass filter
  • REV-HP-LP: reverb with low- and high-pass filters
  • REV-PT-LP: reverb with pitch shifter and a low pass filter


audio inputs L/mono and R
audio outputs L and R
CV inputs: effect selection, CVs 1-3


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide
current draw: 80mA at +12V and 10mA at -12V

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