Flame - FX6


The FX6 is a very compact, digital stereo effect module with six nice sounding effect programs. Although you can control the parameters only manually you have three of them. Furthermore the FX6 is tiny and it´s price is unbeatable!

The pitch shifter, the flanger and especially the pitch echo did convince us as those are funny effects.



Six digital effect programs in two banks. Left switch selects the effect, the right switch selects the bank:

  • Bank A: pitch shift, reverb tremolo, reverb
  • Bank B: reverb flanger, reverb chorus, pitch shift Echo

Three potentiometers for controlling the parameters. The module works with a sample rate of  32KHz. Inputs and outputs are adjusted to audio levels of modular systems. A red LED indicates clipping.


inputs: left (mono), right
outputs: left, right


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 27mm deep. Current draw: 55mA

0,5 kg
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