Flight Of Harmony Choices


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The Choices module is a high quality joystick unit. With the normal AND upside down lettering (like on a playing card) you have the choice if you want to mount the module with the jacks on top and the joystick on top or vice versa. Generate voltages, attenuate signals or fire gates/triggers with it.



You can either generate two voltages with the X and Y axis of "choices" but signal input jacks allow you for controlling amplitudes of external signals with the joystick. This can be AC or DC signals; calibrate the unit with toggle switches. Scale potentiometer controls the output magnitude from 0% to 200%! Offset control shifts DC level by +/- 5V. Gate and Triger buttons and outpts act as manual gate and trigger generators.


X in & out
Y in & out
Gate and trgger output


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide
current draw: 14.1mA @ -12V and 13.7mA @ -12V

0,2 kg
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