Folktek - Alter 1 (Copper)


Alter 1 is a digital effects processor with seven algorithms. In detail, users can choose between two types of reverb, three delays, a distortion and a stutter glitch program. Each algorithm is editable in two parameters. Additionally to the main program, there is a filter with variable characteristic per effect. Via a clock potentiometer, it is possible to alter the rate which controls the DSP. – A great feature for creating grainy lo-fi effects. With a fast clock rate, the Alter 1 produces smooth, very atmospheric sound.

Please note: Alter 1 will be available in June 2018.


Alter 1 features two audio inputs (left / right) with level potentiometers. Mono signals are converted to stereo material automatically. Effects can be selected via touch plates. Two potentiometers allow users to edit the currently active algorithm. Additionally to the main effect, each program offers a filter. Its characteristic varies, depending on the algorithm chosen. The filter can be edited via a third potentiometer. Another knob alters the DSP’s clock rate. The Alter’s mix potentiometer makes it possible to crossfade between dry and wet signals. Effect parameters, filter and dry / wet mixture can all be modulated via CV inputs. Two audio outputs emit the module's results.

Alter 1 offers the following effect algorithms:

  • Long delay
  • Granular delay
  • Plate reverb
  • Shimmering reverb
  • Distortion plus multimode filter
  • Pitch delay
  • Stutter glitch program

The Alter effects series is composed of two modules. Alter 2 can be found here.

The Alter 1 module offered here comes with copper applications on the front panel.


Two audio inputs and outputs
Four CV inputs for modulating effect parameters, filter and mix


3 U Eurorack module, 16 HP wide, 25 mm in depth
Power consumption: 160 mA at +12 V

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