Folktek - Conduit (Copper)


Conduit is composed of a delay, a filter, a harmonic oscillator plus noise generator and two Vactrol-based VCAs. The module provides three independent signal paths, which can be interconnected and mixed as desired. With the help of miniature patch cables, it is possible to connect Conduit directly to the Folktek Matter. - An interesting, multifunctional module, which is highly experimental due to the variable signal flow.



Conduit’s core is a warm and analog sounding echo effect. With short delay times, the circuit sounds clean. However, while turning the delay time up, the effect becomes more and more dirty. The output of the delay is fed into a state variable filter with fixed resonance setting. Using a CV input with optocoupler, it is possible to modulate the cutoff frequency.

On top of its sound processing capabilities, Conduit is also an audio generator. In detail, a noise source and eight harmonic oscillations are waiting to be discovered. The fundamental frequency is based on the clocking of the delay. It is set via the Time potentiometer and the corresponding CV input. The outputs of the audio sources are lined up at a 9x4 patch bay. It is situated at the top of the front panel.

Delay and filter can be fed with either internal or external signals. – Maybe even both, if you patch wisely? To avoid distortion, we recommend getting a Resist expander. With this module, you can attenuate the oscillations before being fed to the echo effect.

Furthermore, Conduit features to VCAs. Thanks to optocouplers and thus a slow decay, the circuits are ideally suited for creating organic, percussive sounds. Audio material is usually fed to the VCAs first, then the delay. Conduit’s Vactrol CV inputs accept signals from 0 V to +5 V, i.e. CVs, gates or triggers.

The Conduit module offered here comes with copper applications on the front panel.

3U Eurorack module, 20 HP wide, 25 mm in depth
Power consumption: 23 mA at +12 V, none at -12 V

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