Folktek - Gait (Gold)


Gait is a performance controller with four hexagonal touch contacts. As soon as you put a finger on one of the plates, the corresponding trigger and gate outputs become active. Gait can be used, for example, to trigger envelopes or function generators, patch a tap tempo function or choose between the channels of a switch. – Very handy.



The Gait module features four identical control channels. Each comes equipped with a touch-sensitive contact plate plus a trigger and a gate output. Both sockets emit a +5 v signal. The difference between the outputs:

  • Trigger emits a short +5 v pulse once the corresponding touch contact is used.
  • At the Gate output, the +5 v signal remains active until the finger is lifted from the touch contact.

The Gait module offered here comes with gold applications on the front panel.


Four trigger outputs
Four gate outputs


3 U Eurorack module, 6 HP wide, 25 mm in depth

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