Folktek - Matter II (Copper)


Hey Good Looking! Matter, the experimental drum module of sound machine manufacturer Folktek has been considerably extended. There are new modulation and routing options, also with regard to the integration of CVs and external signals. Matter II also stands out visually: it is now operated via pin matrices and extremely chic golden pins. Matter II shares the sonic character of its predecessor and also the warm invitation to experiment.



The principle of the Matter II is "plug and experiment". Three Drum Wave Sections determine the sound. Within a Section, the first pin set determines which parameter is assigned to the (Shape) knob. This parameter can also be modulated externally via the CV-input. If two or more pins are plugged into a matrix, direct connections and thus a continuous tone (or better: drone) are generated.

A section can be triggered via the V+ inputs. They are designed as trigger inputs. But also here the invitation to experiment: An audio signal at a V+ input is routed through the corresponding matrix and can be changed with the Shape control. This again depends on the pin(s) set in the corresponding matrix.

The sounds of the Matter II are always experimental. What a plugged pin and its CV input does exactly can sometimes not be predicted exactly. It brizzels, flickers, distorts and filters and the V+ inputs are more likely to cut into these morphing textures percussively...or become a processing input themselves.

All three sections are mixed together and are present at the output (Out), which is controlled by the VAC V+ input. In principle this is a lowpass gate at the master output and hence deal for percussive sounds.

And: Matter II can be dramatically expanded. An expansion board can be attached to the lower part of the pin matrices, through which the drum wave sections can then be routed. Also Matter II can be connected to ist predecessor. More infos on these topics you will find on the manufacturers website (see link below).

3*V+, 3*CV, VAC V+
3U Eurorack module, 18HP wide, 25mm deep
Powerconsumption: +12v ?, -12v ?, +5v ?
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