Folktek - Matter Plug-In Set #1


The set contains a Plug-In which is inserted on the headers of a Matter module and seven cards which in turn are inserted into the Plug-In. The cards expand, direct or change the function of Matter and allow for a greater level of experimentalism and possibility. Some trigger points can be used as audio inputs for internal modulation.


Included Cards and their functions:

  • SOOT: Multi-oscillator drone generator, voltage control of one VCO. Controls for pitch and shape.
  • GRANULES: brings the headers back to the front. Using a number of Granules you can "save" patched and still be able to edit them by re-patching.

  • PEBBLES: Solder sports for established fixed connections and making own presets.
  • CONDUIT: Touch pads which make your body interact with the circuitry.
  • Allows for dirty resonant filtering of external signals. Contains to unjust filter controls and one level control
  • SAND: Connects eight specific patch points with sockets and has four sound controls. Works with CVs and Gates.
  • DUST: Connects eight specific patch points with sockets and has three sound controls. Works with CVs and Gates.

Note: Many of the fucntions can be created without the use with the cards, just by re-patching with the miniature cables and using a Resist module. But the cards allow for a way quicker operation, faster changes of functionality and are more or less function macros.

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