Folktek - Matter (Copper)


Matter is a unique drum synthesizer. – And more. The module could be described as a multi-voice clicks and cuts instrument, which may also be used as a drone generator. On the front panel, you'll find a miniature patchbay for connecting its synthesis and processing stages. – A modular system for modular systems, so to speak. The sound repertoire ranges from drum and percussion hits, including extremely cool glitches and birdlike croaking, to atmospheric soundscapes.


With the Matter you can not only trigger drum and percussion sounds, but also play them tonally using modulation signals. A kick quickly turns into a bass line and a snare drum transforms into washes of noise with peaking resonance. In detail, the module comes equipped with eight CV / gate inputs, which can be freely routed via Matter’s miniature patch bay. Simply choose a modulation target and send control voltages in that direction. There are 20 patch points, each of which offers two inputs respectively outputs. Thus, signals can be easily split or combined. Audio material, either internal or external, can be freely routed as well. For example, you can filter signals or add distortion. Matching mini patch cables are included.

In addition to the basic synthesis system, Matter features a voltage-controlled sine modulation generator based on an optocoupler. Patch an external audio signal into Mod Trig CV and send it through the Vactrol modulation. Afterwards, the signal can be further processed as described above. The output signal of the Matter can also be fed back and connected to a new socket. External control voltages can be edited with the optocoupler as well. Results are emitted via the patch bay. The “Mod CV Out” socket carries the modulation signal, but without being affected by the Vactrol.


The miniature patch slots 4 and 5 are empty for future plugin development.

The Matter module offered here comes with copper applications on the front panel.


Eight CV inputs
Modulation section: Speed CV input, trig input, output
Audio output


3 U Eurorack module, 21 HP wide, ~25 mm deep
Power consumption: 23 mA auf +12 V

0.2 kg
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