Fonitronik Attenuverting Mixer


Not in production anymore

The first Fonitronik module is the Attenuverting Mixer. It is primarily a four-into-one mixer module for control voltages (and audio signals of course) but besides of that it has some sub-functions like attenuator, controlable inverter and generator of offset voltages.



Each channel features a bipolar level control called polarizer or attenuverter (hence the name). Input signals can be added or subtracted to/from the sum for classic mixing use.
With no input plugged in at the socket the individual pots operate as a DC offset generator for control voltage offset functions. With the individual outputs in use each of the four channels can act as a standalone, separate offset generator!
The summed output is the result of all inputs with all offsets applied.

Any input signal can be output directly at the corresponding channel´s individual output. With a cable plugged at that individual output, this channel will be removed from the sum, turning this channel into a standalone attenuator/inverter!

There is also an AC/DC selector for the summed output. The AC setting is intended to remove any unwanted offsets generated when using audio signals. These signals go thru a capacitor in AC mode and when turning the offset pots it can also give "glissando/glide" type transitions although it was not intended to be used like this. ;) In DC mode the capacitor is bypassed and the summed output is shown at an LED indicating the positive or negative parts of the output signal.


- inputs 1-4
- individual outputs 1-4
- sum output


3HE Eurorack module, width 12HP, depth (measured from back of faceplate) 30mm.
cuttent draw: max. 20mA/25mA (at +12V/-12V)

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