Fonitronik VC Modulator


Fonitronik´s second Eurorack module ist a voltage controllable ring modulator with a very special and unique timbre. Clean frequency multiplication is not its domain because above a certain level the carrier signal gets rectified and this leads to a dirty sound.



Unlike other ring modulator designs that use multiplication ICs the circuitry of the VC Modulator is realized by classic operation amplifiers. This results in a totally different and "dirty" ring modulator sound.

The initial amplification of carrier and modulator signals can be set with potentiometers and in addition voltage controlled, due to integrated VCAs in the signal path. At higher levels the VCM tends to distort which makes it´s unique sound cahracter. The CV modulations can fade in and out the signal or chop it and have a big influence on this unusual ring modulator´s behaviour.

The module is DC coupled which means that it accepts audio and CV signals e.g. you can use it as a (unique) VCA as well.

  • carrier: signal input, cv input
  • modulator: signal input, cv input
  • ring modulator output

3U Eurorack module; 8HP wide; 31mm deep.
current draw 12mA @ +12V and 12mA @ -12V

0.2 kg
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