Frap Tools - PLUS Module (1 x 42 HP)


The single 42 HP wide PLUS Module is the smallest sub-unit of the Eurorack modular enclosure system which grows with your needs.
Individual PLUS Modules can be connected horizontally and grow to larger cases. Instead of selling your small case on the second hand market and purchasing a new one you just expand your exisiting one.



The PLUS system is a modular concept for Eurorack enclosures which are based around 42HP wide PLUS-Modules as lowest common denominators. A PLUS-Module can be used alone or connected horizontally to other PLUS-Modules to form wider "boats" (84HP, 126HP, 168HP and so on).
Using the Row Expansion Pack (4 x 42HP) it is even possible to connect PLUS-Modules vertically to form enclosures with more rows.
The enclosures' sides can be closed with wooden side cheeks; per row one seto of cheeks is required.

About the product:
The PLUS-Module offered here is the aforementioned smallest unit - a single solid aluminium case with 42HP width and a maximum internal depth of 43mm. It has integrated holes for pins and screws for connecting to other PLUS' and/or to wood sides as well as profiles for sliding M3 nuts.


Included accessory: screws, nuts and pins for connecting several PLUS-Modules; M3 sliding nuts; adhesive rubber feet.


213 x 130 x 50mm (W x D x H)

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