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SEI is a trunk line for the UNO cases made by Frap Tools. The module has six color-coded 3.5 mm sockets built-in its front panel. They are connected to six 6,3 mm jack plugs, which can be mounted to the back of a UNO case. These sockets are color-coded as well. All lines can be used bi-directionally. Therefore, SEI is perfect to add external synthesizers, samplers and even effect processors to a modular setup without having to rely on tangled cables or bulky adapters.
Furthermore, SEI provides a powered USB port for connecting a gooseneck lamp.



All 3.5 mm and 6.3 mm jack plugs of the SEI system can be utilized as either inputs or outputs. Thanks to the color code, mixing up channels is impossible. The 6,3 mm connectors are mounted on a circuit board, which can be easily fastened at the back of the UNO case. The enclosure comes with suitable drill holes, so the sockets can be screwed in place without any problems. No craftsmanship needed.
The USB port is only meant as a +5V power supply for a gooseneck lamp or the like. Data cannot be transmitted using this port.

SEI is not only interesting for owners of a Uno case, but designers of DIY cases as well.

module: six 3.5mm sockets
board: six 1/4" sockets
USB port with +5V

3U Eurorack module, 6 HP wide. Compatible with Skiff cases.
0.138 kg
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