Frap Tools - SILTA Module (with Flying Bus)


SILTA is a 6 HP wide Eurorack power supply module providing up to 1.25 Ampere. A flying bus board is used as power distribution. Up to three SILTAs can be cascaded and powered with one brick. Thanks to an USB connector on the faceplate providing +5V, a gooseneck lamp or MIDI controller can be powered by the SILTA as well.



The SILTA generates:

  • 1.25A at +12V
  • 1.25A at -12V
  • 1.5A at +5V

The USB port gives you 500 mA at +5 V to power a MIDI controller, an USB gooseneck lamp or similar equipment.

Thanks to their Thru sockets, three SILTAs can be operated with just one power brick. Simply connect the thru output of the module linked to the power supply with a second SILTA. A third one can be added to the system the same way. All the user needs is a beefy power brick and a cable with 2.5 mm coaxial female connectors on both sides.


An external power brick with 24 V DC output voltage is not suplied with the SILTA, it can be purchased separately.
Cables with 2.5 mm coaxial female connectors are not available from Frap Tools. They can be bought here.


24V DC power input socket, power thru socket, USB socket


Power solution with a 3U Eurorack faceplate, 6HP wide, Skiff-friendly depth

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