Frap Tools - UNO 84 powered (Zebrano bright)


Portable and foldable Eurorack case with three rows á 84 HP width and a depth of up to 90 mm! In this simple yet well-thought metal case with BRIGHT Zebrano wood sides all screws and folding mechanisims are hidden and there are slots for internal busboard cabling. The case meets hand luggage requirements of most major airlines. High-precision Italian manufacturing.
The UNO 84 contains the SILTA power supply solution with 3.75 Ampere and is supplied with a padded soft bag.


As a power solution the UNO 84 uses Frap Tool's own SILTA system which provides you with:

  • 3.75 Ampere at +12 Volt
  • 3.75 Ampere at -12 Volt
  • 1.5 Ampere at +5 Volt in the middle row
A laptop-style external power supply (24V DC, 90W) is supplied.

Cable space:
Depending on modules setup, knobs and other cables position, the case allows:

  • up to 4 stackables per side when the case is folded
  • up to 2 stack cables in the middle row when the case is folded
It works perfectly with TipTop Audio Stackcables and patchcords by Ad Infinitum, Doepfer and Nazca

A padded carrying bag is supplied with the UNO 84 case. The case and the modules are safe from rain since the bag has a double zip. The soft bag has two handles and a shoulder belt, furthermore there is a pocket on the outside for the power supply and some patch cables.


Inlet for external power supply in the back of middle row.


folded: 470 x 210 x 297mm (W x H x D)
unfolded: 470 x 278 x 380mm (W x H x D)

rows' depths:
90 mm in middle row
50 mm available in the upper and lower row

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