Frequency Central - System X Envelope Black


Inconspicuous small ADSR type envelope but with an astonishing supersnappy punch! It is a clone of Roland's 100m modular system's envelope generator.



The module has controls for the attack, decay and release times as awwell as the sustain level. Two time ranges can be chosen from. The envelope is avilable in a normal and inverted form at tow independent outputs and it's being fired via a gate socket. A red LED displays the envelope's voltage.
So far... rather non-thrilling and conventional if it wasn't for this great characteristic. Even at the shortest attack times the envelope does not click but provides you with a really snappy, wooden punch. Resemples a woodblock somehow.


Picture shows the old, fatter panel graphics. The new one is thinner but otherwise the same.


gate input. normal and inverted envelope outputs


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 45mm deep

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