Frequency Central - Ultra Wave Black


Clock-syncable, digital LFO with multiple waveforms, S&H, noise, tempo multiplication, waveform distortion and five voltage controllable parameters. It's the bigger, deluxe brother of the Wave Runner LFO.



The Wave Runner's frequency reaches from 0.025Hz to 50Hz. It is set with the according potentiometer or it can sync to the last two pulses received at the sync socket. You can divide or multiply the tempo with the multiply control; (x0,5 / x1 / x1,5 / x2 / x3 and x4).

One of eight wave forms is output at the LFO socket. Those are as follow: sawooth, ramp, pulse, triangle, sine, noise, sample & hold and a stepped triangle.
The distort control not only skews the periodical waveforms, it also adjusts the pulse width and the noise's frequency. In S&H mode it bitcrushes the resolution down to 1 bit for random triggers. In stepped triangle mode it blends from sawtooth over triangle to ramp. All parameters mentioned above and also the LFO's output level are voltage controllable. Besides the level input all CV inputs have attenautors for precise adjustment of modulation depth.

No matter which wave is selected, the clock socket always outputs the Ultra Wave's tempo as a clock.


Picture shows the old, fatter panel graphics. The new one is thinner but otherwise the same.

A simpler, smaller and cheaper but not voltage controllable version of the Ultra Wave is the Wave Runner.


CV inputs: frequency, multiply, waveform selection, distort, level
sync input, LFO output, clock output


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, skiff-friendly 37mm deep

0.165 kg
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