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Digital wavetable VCO with a bank of 16 waveforms. Plus an unusual sub oscillator, a bit crusher and switchable glide. Almost all parameters are voltage controllable.



Frequency: manually adjustable in a range of 10 octaves, from MIDI note 0 to 120 which is according to 8.18Hz to 8372Hz. The CV input is quantized to semitones and can control a range from MIDI note 0 to 63 with a 0-5V voltage
Detune: manually a fine tune of +/-100 cents is possbile. The non-quantized CV input allows a fine tune of +/-8 semitones.
Waveform: The Waverider VCO has 16, clearly digital sounding waveforms in one wavetable and it can crossfade between these waves. Standard wave forms have been omitted intentionally as you probably have enough normal VCOs for this.
Sub Wave: Side oscillator would be the correct nomenclature, dude. It offers eight wave forms, each available in four different octaves (1 octave above (!), unisono, one or two octaves below main frequency). With the CV you select the wave and the octave at the same time, the result can be pretty wicked.
Glide is a portamento generator with times ranging from 12ms/oct to 2.4s/octave. In leftmost position the glide effect is off. It an be activated by a gate sigal as well (0V=off, +5V=on).
Crush is a Bit crusher. It reduces the amplitude's resolution from 8Bit to 1Bit in eight steps.

The VCDO and SubOsc outputs work with 8Bit resolution and 62.5kHz sampling frequency.


CV inputs for: frequency, detune, waveform selection, sub wave selection
glide on/off gate input
audio outputs for VCDO and sub osc


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 50mm deep

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