Future Artist - MIDI Looper


Silmilar to a looper for audio signals this small unit works with MIDI signals. On four tracks it records 64-polyphonic MIDI Notes and Controllers and then plays them back as a loop. Despite the small dimensions and few controls it even offers practical functions like overdub, undo and quantization. Thanks to a USB connection it's possible not only to play hardware synthesizers but also virtual instruments in your computer.



The device is able of simultaneous recording and palyback of MIDI signals which is of course predestined for live performances. Each of the tracks with individual length (1-63 steps) allows for recording of up to 250 notes and 250 CC values.
Playback can be quantized to one of eight timing values (1/96, 1/32, 1/24, 1/16, 1/12, 1/8, 1/6 and 1/4 beats).

Synchronisation to an extrnal Clock is possible of course, yet the unit has a clock generator (60 -210 BPM) and can thus be used as a master.

Besides MIDI In and Out the unit also has an USB connector which makes bi-directional communication with a computer possible, be it for sending the recorded data to the DAW or to synchronize the MIDI Looper to a computer.


USB (power supply, optional connection to PC)
MIDI input (Processing of: note on / off, Midi Control, Midi Clock)
MIDI output (output of: note on / off, Midi Control, Midi Clock)
3.5mm jack for foot switch


approximately 121 x 66 x 40mm

0.35 kg
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