Future Retro - 1x4x2


Intended as an expansion for Future Retro's Swynx to multiply it's outputs you can use this little box with as an independent unit as well. The special feature is that it can be used simultaneously as a Thru box for MIDI and DIN Sync signals.



The user who is happy with the Swynx but requires more outputs for synchronizing his machines via MIDI and DIN Sync will be happy with the 1x4x2. This small unit acts as a Thru, for MIDI signals as well as for DIN Sync signals in parallel!
You don't have to use the 1x4x2 necessarily in combination with the Swynx because it works also with other gear as long they provide a +5V current via the MIDI line. The 1x4x2 has no input for an external wall wart but is powered via MIDI.


1x MIDI In, 4x MIDI Out
1x DIN Sync In, 4x DIN Sync Out


Steel chassis, 127 x 76 x 36mm

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