Future Retro - Zillion


An algorithmic MIDI sequencer based on the principles of the legendary and extraordinary Triadex Muse. It generates sequences on it's own which can continously change themselves; usind shift register outputs or counters it provides melody, rhythm and velocity, can use different themes and it gives you infinite possibilites due to it's unusual concept. Operation is done with a circular touchpad, four soft keys and ± buttons.



Synchronise the Zillion to the MIDI Clock or use the internal tempo generator (25-250 BPM)
Swing: from 50-75%
direction: forward or backward
loop: limit sequence length to 1-16 beats, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 bars. Or just let it run freely for neverending changes
transpose: up to 36 semitones
scales: 16 preset and 83 user programmable scales that can be edited in the PROGRAM mode
algorithms: a 32 bit shift register and variable counters generate flexible data for melody, rhythm, velocity and "theme". See manual!

The round touchpad selects one of 16 modes. Four soft keys are used to select function or for swithcing live between different values within a mode; jump in real-time between different tempos, directions, swing values, loop lengths etc and just improvise around!

Parameter setting and programmed scales can be saved in the internal memory.
The unit has a MIDI input for syncronisation, for programming scales and for transposing. MIDI thru passes input data and MIDI Out outputs the sequencer's notes and clock.


MIDI In, Out and Thru.
9V DC input for external power supply (center positive)


Steel chassis, dimensions 159 x 89 x 32mm, weight 380g

0.488 kg
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