Genus Modu - Low Impedance Bus Board


Would you like ALL of your modules to sound even better? – With the Low Impedance Bus Board, LIBB for short, it is possible to achieve this goal. The circuit design is based on concepts known from server construction. Instead of thin copper traces, the LIBB features wide copper planes, for example. Crosstalk, noise and other disturbances are things of the past once a LIBB is installed.



The Low Impedance Bus Board works with extremely low ohm values. While other bus boards usually have 0.1 to 0.2 inch wide conductor paths, here 1.9 inch wide copper planes consisting of six layers are used for +12 V and -12 V. Ground and the +5 V rail were designed in a similar fashion. Of course, there are also CV and gate channels according to the Doepfer standard. During the design phase of the LIBB, great care was taken to ensure that built-in modules cannot influence each other. Flashing LEDs, often a disturbing factor in large systems, have no chance of mischief here, for example. The noise floor is very low. A big plus, especially when using modules with high signal amplification. 16 modules can be connected to a LIBB. Connection to the power supply is established via clamped connectors. Using the EHA adapter (sold separately), you can use the LIBB with power modules such as Tiptops µZeus or the Frap Tools Silta.

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