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Creative eight step pulse sequencer with random and one-shot modes and adjustable loop cycle length, number of repeats and step length. The module can be coupled with other Algorhythms to create longer patterns or to cross-influence the sequencers which can be interesting for polyrhythmics or odd time signatures.



Patterns with a length greater than eight can be created by cascading several Algorhythms with a link cable. The master module's clock is passed to the slaves internally. If working with different sequence lengths for each Algorhythm module you can easily create polyrhythmic structures this way. If an external clock is patched to a slave module it will be sent to the subsequent modules.

Steps are set with illuminated buttons. Each step has an individual output, the whole sequence is available at the PATTERN output. The input clock will be refreshed, buffered and is available with a +5V amplitude at the clock output socket.

Playback is started and stopped either manually or with a pulse at the STATE input.
In SEQ mode the sequence is played in a forward, linear manner and in RAND mode randomly. You can switch between both modes also with a pulse signal at the MODE input.

LOOP/END determines whether the pattern is repeated infintely (LOOP) or if it stops as soon as an end point is reached (END). An end point can either be reached when the sequence is finished or after a reset.
The number of loop repeats can be set by pressing the LOOP/END button for 500ms. With the pattern buttons 1-8 you determine the number of repeats until the sequence stops and an end point is reached. Press LOOP/END to confirm and to exit.

Choose with GATE/TRIG if the module is to output pulses or triggers. In GATE setting the pulse length equals the duration of the incoming clock pulse. In TRIG mode the trigger is always 10ms long.
Hold the GATE/TRIG button for 500ms and enter the "step lenght" edit mode. Here it's possible to adjust the step lenght for each step with the buttons 1-8.

The individual outs always send a pulse when the step is reached, no matter if the step is selected or not. In RAND mode a pulse is only played when the step is activated. This provides for interesting variations.

Reset is possible of course by a impulse at the according input. The START and STOP outputs send a 10ms long trigger when the module starts or stops.
All parameters are saved automatically.


individual step outputs 1-8
pulse inputs: state, reset, mode
pulse outputs: start, stop, pattern
clock input, clock output


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 46mm deep
power consumption: 100mA @ +12V

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