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The Binary is a 1Bit analog computer module, taking up to six inputs and determining if the output goes high or not. In the first instance you will use this module as an "OR combiner" i.e. a mixer for gates, clocks etc. Great for creating new trigger sequences.
The module can be set to a NOR mode as well, allowing for a S-Trig conversion (or vice versa). The entirely analog design makes it possible to use audio signals.



Up to six logic signals (pulses, clocks, triggers, gates) are combined and the result is available at the logic output.Illuminated buttons make it possible to deactivate each input.

You can select between two modes: OR and NOR:
OR gate remains low (0) when all inputs are low and goes high (1) when at least one input is high.
NOR negates the OR function. It remains low when all inputs are low and goes low wehen at least one input is high.

While OR is mostly used for mixing logic signals, the NOR mode can convert a S-Trig to a V-Trig and vice versa.
Without input signals you can use the OR/NOR button as a manual gate generator .whgen switching from OR to NOR the output will produce a +5V gate.
Experiment with audio signals! For instance patch several waveforms of an VCO to the inputs and get a pulse wave with variable width at the output!


six inputs, one logic output


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 30mm deep
power consumption 30mA @ +12V

0.15 kg
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